There are many health conditions in pets that a physical exam alone can’t detect. That’s when pet diagnostic imaging comes into play. Diagnostics is a critical component of veterinary medicine, as it aids in the detection and treatment of various conditions and illnesses. Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital offers digital X-ray and Digatherm digital thermography to examine pets internally. We are pleased to be one of the few animal hospitals in the Monroeville area to offer thermography. With our modern diagnostic imaging technology, we can identify conditions faster and with more accuracy, allowing pets to receive treatment sooner and more effectively.

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Pet Diagnostics in Monroeville, PA

Digital Pet Thermography

Just as its name implies, Digatherm thermography—or digital thermal imaging—is a diagnostic technology that involves the use of thermal cameras to non-invasively study heat distribution in the body. A thermal camera measures radiant energy in the body to create a thermogram (image), which provides a physiological map of the area being examined. The warmest parts of the body are indicated with shades of red while the coolest parts of the body are indicated with shades of blue. This makes this visual tool highly beneficial in diagnosing the specific areas of inflammation or lack of circulation in the body. Because of the nature of digital thermography, exams are fast and easy and can result in faster diagnoses. In addition, no physical contact with your pet is required for the image to be produced. Another great feature of Digatherm pet thermography is that it can be used in conjunction with our Companion Laser Therapy unit.

Digital Pet X-rays

Our digital radiography unit is used to safely examine the bones, heart, abdomen, and lungs of pets, making it an essential diagnostic tool after an injury or health problem. X-rays can detect fractures, tumors, foreign bodies, and many other conditions. We also have a digital dental X-ray unit in our full-service dentistry suite that allows us to view below the gum line, where most dental problems are found. Unlike film radiography, digital radiography images are produced in seconds and can be easily enhanced on a computer screen. They are also much clearer than film images and do not require any harsh chemicals for production. In addition, the images can be shared digitally via email if necessary.

Conditions Thermography Can Detect

  • Pain and inflammation (neck, back, joints, etc.)
  • Orthopedic issues
  • Supporting leg lameness
  • Infections
  • Soft tissue problems
  • Tendon or muscle injuries
  • Nervous dysfunctions
  • Allergies
  • Infections (including hidden infections)
  • Viper bites

Please give us a call at 412-373-8580 if you think your companion can benefit from digital X-rays or digital thermography at Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital. And for a limited time, your pet can receive a FREE Digatherm exam with the purchase of any other exam at our animal hospital!