How to Choose the Best Dog Dental Chew for Your Pet in Monroeville, PA

Caring for your dog’s teeth is important, and there are various ways that you can support dental health for your dog daily. You can brush their teeth, but some dogs are not a fan of this process, and this can make it quite hard to accomplish this goal. Thankfully, there are dog dental chews that can be used to help keep your pet’s teeth in good health, even if they will not let you brush their teeth.

Knowing what kind of dog dental chews to get for your pet can be daunting, however. There are so many different brands of dog chews that say that they should provide this support for your dog. How can you be sure which of these chews is the right one for your needs?

If you are ready to learn more about how to choose the right dental chew for your pet, you need to keep reading.

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Know The Types

The first thing that you need to do is become familiar with the types of dental chews. There are raw chews that are made from parts of horses and cows, and which come in various shapes and sizes. These can be ideal for dogs who are picky about what they eat and who are not attracted to non-natural chews. Bones and biscuits can offer the benefit of adding nutrition to your dog’s feeding plan, and they can also help clean teeth. Chew toys are also available, which are not meant to be eaten but which can be chewed on whenever your dog wishes.

Always be careful to get the right size chew for your dog’s needs. Very small chews can pose choking hazards for large dogs, and smaller dogs might not be willing to try and chew on something that is too big for them. If you want to use an edible chew for your pet, be sure that you are aware of the ingredients of the chew so that you do not make your dog sick.

Buy From a Recognized Brand

Poor-quality dental chews have been associated with toxic substances and chemicals that can make dogs ill. You will want to be certain that you are buying a chew from a recognized company that makes treats and chews that are safe for dogs of all kinds to use or to eat. Getting your dog’s dental chews from a major company can be a keyway to avoid being taken in by phony treats that are not safe for your dog to eat.

Always be wary of chew toys that do not promise to hold up to your dog’s chewing, and be careful about natural chews that are not carefully sourced. There are many risks that can be associated with these kinds of chews, and you will want to avoid this kind of potential complication related to picking up a chew toy that is not from a well-known brand.

Your Dog Has to Like the Chew

This might seem obvious but getting your dog dental chews that they are not a big fan of will defeat the purpose of trying to keep their teeth healthy. Your dog needs to really enjoy their dental chew, or they will not use it enough to help keep their teeth clean. Some dogs need a lot of support for their dental well-being, which means that they need to be using their dental chews daily to keep their teeth in good condition.

Consider Organic Ingredients

Many companies do not use organic products in these kinds of chews, but this is often the best kind of product for your dog. When it comes to treats that also work to clean your dog’s teeth, the more natural they are, the better for your dog’s well-being. Make sure to check out the organic offerings that each brand that you are researching offers. The more natural the items are in the chew, the better off your dog will be when they are eating the chew.

Find Chews That Last

If your dog is gobbling up their dental chews rapidly, they are not going to serve any purpose for your dog’s dental health. Dogs need to be able to chew on the dental product you have purchased for a while before eating it, or they will not be getting any teeth-cleaning support from the treat. It might be that you need to get a bigger version of the same treat that takes longer to consume, or maybe you need to try another brand that is tougher and harder to eat rapidly.

Whatever dental chew product you decide to go with, you will need to be sure that it will hold up to lots of chewing before it can be eaten. In the case of toys that are made for dental health, your dog should get at least a week from the chew before it needs to be thrown out.

Dental Chews Can Greatly Improve Your Dog’s Dental Health

Dogs need support for their dental health, just like people. Kibble diets provide limited support for the removal of plaque and tartar but adding dental treats to dental chew toys to your dog’s routine can help with the rest of their oral support needs. You will be able to make sure that your dog does not suffer from dental disease when you add these treats and toys to their routine, but you need to be sure that you are getting the right product for your needs.

Always research the chew products that you are interested in carefully before you buy. You will want to get a chew or treat that is safe to eat, that does not contain chemicals or unreliably sourced ingredients, and that will not pose a choking risk or an obstruction risk for your dog. Always buy from a reputable company and be sure that you take the time to find a treat or toy that your dog loves for the best results.

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