Pain Relief for Dogs in Monroeville, PA: How Can I Help My Pet?

Do you have a dog who suffers from frequent pain in Monroeville, PA? Are you often concerned about what you can do for him to help him deal with this? Is medication really the only solution?

As a dog owner, you always want to do what’s best for your dog. However, sometimes there are options that may work better than medication in terms of pain relief for dogs. On the other hand, sometimes medication is the best course of action—so it’s always important to work with your veterinarian to determine this for sure.

How Can I Help My Dog with Dog Pain Relief in Monroeville, PA?

Read through the information below to find out more about how you can help your pet deal with pain.

Dog-Friendly NSAIDs

NSADs for dogs are similar to those given to humans, but you should never give your dog a medication designed for human consumption. Although ibuprofen and acetaminophen may work for you, they are unsafe for dogs to take. Rarely, vets may sometimes suggest giving your dog a single dose of a human medication, but you should never do this without guidance from your vet.

Your vet will give you more information about the medications prescribed to your dog. These medications are often given short-term, but some may be safe enough for dogs to take long-term to help them deal with their pain as well.


This is a common medication given to dogs as well as humans. It is usually prescribed to treat nerve pain and damage, although it may sometimes be given for other problems as well. If your dog has been injured in any way and has developed nerve damage because of this injury, gabapentin may be able to help.

Keep in mind that dogs may become nauseated by taking this medication, and that it will also likely cause drowsiness. It is usually only given short-term, although your vet in Monroeville, PA will let you know if your dog needs to take it long-term.


This is a heavy-duty medication that is not right for every dog. It usually won’t be given as a first option, but it is more of a last resort provided for dogs who are suffering a lot from pain and discomfort. It is an opioid, so it is not something to be given lightly.

With that said, however, it can help older dogs or those with terminal illness feel more comfortable. It may, however, cause dogs to have an upset stomach or vomit often, so talk it over with your vet to determine if the side effects may cause more trouble for your pet.

Dog Pain Relief in Monroeville, PA

Physical Therapy

Just like humans, dogs tend to respond well to physical therapy for a variety of conditions and health problems. Dogs with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases especially enjoy excellent results from physical therapy in most situations, and it can also work well for dogs who have been injured or have an issue like hip dysplasia.

Your veterinarian will help you learn more about the types of physical therapy that might help your dog. The vet can also tell you where you can take your dog for physical therapy in Monroeville, PA and let you know whether or not any treatments are offered in-house.

Laser Therapy

Although still an up-and-coming solution for dog pain relief, laser therapy has been proven to work wonders for joint pain and stiffness as well as pain from other problems. Many dogs respond well to laser therapy, and this may be a great solution if you prefer to avoid medication for your pet.

Talk to your vet for more information about whether or not laser therapy may be a good treatment for your dog.


While not technically medications, it’s up to you as a pet owner to determine whether or not to go with supplements and vitamins for your dog’s pain relief. However, keep in mind that many types of pain in dogs can be easily managed with the use of supplements.

Dogs with joint pain, stiffness, or pain related to injuries may see great results by taking glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. Be sure to talk to your vet before giving these to your dog so you can determine the right amount for your pet to ingest.

Your Vet Can Help With Your Dog’s Pain in Monroeville, PA

As you can see, there are plenty of options to pick from, whether you choose to rely on medication for your dog’s pain relief or not. Your vet can give you more information to help you determine the right course of action moving forward depending on your dog’s age, overall health condition, diagnosis, and more.

It’s always important to talk with your vet for recommendations for your specific dog. However, you can use the information in this article to guide you in asking questions and gathering information to make the best decision. Call Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital at 412-373-8580 to provide your dog with pain relief in Monroeville, PA.