Dog and Cat Surgery in Monroeville, PA

At Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital, keeping your pet safe and comfortable at all times is one of our #1 priorities, especially with surgical cases. We know that having a pet undergo surgery can be a difficult time for a pet owner, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s because we take the time to give you a synopsis of your dog or cat’s surgery before we admit him/her into our suite. We can also answer any questions you have to give you as much peace of mind as possible about your pet’s procedure. Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is equipped with advanced technology and equipment, allowing our veterinarians to safely and effectively perform a wide range of dog and cat surgeries. In addition, every patient is monitored before, during, and after surgery to ensure their safety and comfort.

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Most Common Surgeries Performed

Our veterinarians are skilled in performing a number of soft tissue surgeries on dogs and cats, including:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Wound care
  • Growth/tumor removals
  • Biopsies/pathologies
  • Urinary bladder stone removal
Dog and Cat Surgery in Monroeville, PA

About Your Dog or Cat’s Surgery

We strongly recommend pre-anesthetic blood work and a physical exam before bringing your dog or cat in for surgery. This allows us to ensure there aren’t any underlying health issues. On the day of your pet’s surgery, we admit him/her into our sterile preparation area, where we shave the surgical target area. We also attach an IV catheter for pain medication, fluids, and anesthesia administration. Once your pet is prepped for surgery, we move him/her to our sterile surgical area and begin the surgery. We monitor your pet’s vitals throughout the entire surgery using advanced monitoring equipment.

After the surgery is completed, we can use our Companion Laser Therapy device to aid in pain relief and healing. We then move your pet to our recovery area for observation until he/she is fully awake. We then notify you that your pet is ready to return home to your loving arms. When you arrive to pick up your pet, we provide discharge instructions and any necessary pain medications. Your pet will likely be lethargic for about 24 hours after the procedure, which is normal. Please feel free to ask any questions about your pet’s recovery at this time or even while your pet is recovering at home.

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