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Why Does My Dog Keep Throwing Up in Monroeville, PA?

It is no secret that dogs sometimes eat things that they should not eat or that they might do something like get into the cat food and make themselves sick. It can be easy to disregard vomiting in a dog at first because dogs are prone to eating things that might not have been the best choice. However, if your dog has been throwing up consistently, you might start to worry and wonder why this might be happening. When your dog has been throwing up for a while, you need to start looking at the reasons for this problem. There
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6 Signs that Your Cat Could be in Pain in Monroeville, PA

Cats can be hard to care for sometimes. They are often very stoical, and this means that you might not be sure if they are feeling sick or just not feeling like being touched for some reason. Cats might also hide in a place where you cannot gain access to them when they are not feeling their best, which can make it hard to assess what their overall condition is. When you think that your cat might be in pain, it can be helpful to know more about what cats do when they hurt. You might not have to guess
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Can Dogs Get Colds in Monroeville, PA?

Dogs can get colds, just like people. They might even show most of the same symptoms related to their cold, which makes it easy to recognize a cold in your dog. While dogs that live alone and are not exposed to other animals very often are unlikely to get a cold, dogs that go to puppy daycare or the dog park could have a much higher risk of getting sick. Puppies are the most likely to contract a cold, but older dogs can get sick as well. People and dogs cannot share colds back and forth, so your cold is
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