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Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows in Monroeville, PA?

Everyone who has a dog has probably fed their pet something that is technically “human-only” food from time to time. In many cases, this is not a risky thing to do, but there are some foods that dogs should not be consuming that are safe for people to eat. Most people are aware of the fact that chocolate is toxic to dogs and that a dog that has consumed chocolate will need to see the veterinarian immediately for emergency treatment. Many dog owners are less aware that dogs cannot consume marshmallows safely either. These treats are not toxic to your
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Cat Spraying in Monroeville, PA: What it is and Why Cats Do it

If you have never owned a male cat, you might not be aware of the spraying behavior that male felines often display. This can be a very negative behavior in a house cat for obvious reasons, but many owners are not aware of why this kind of behavior is done by cats. Due to the instinctive nature of this action in male cats, it can be very hard to address this problem in house cats. Spraying is one of a few different ways that male cats lay claim to their territory and protect their own safety. This is a wild
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Why Is My Cat Meowing in Monroeville, PA All the Time?

Some cats can be very vocal all the time, while others are not so loud. Meowing at humans is a very different kind of communication that cats use to get attention or to alert their owners to a need for food or water. Wild cats are not nearly as vocal as house cats, but not every house cat likes to chat with its owners through loud vocalizations. If your cat is meowing all the time, you might be wondering if they are okay. There are many reasons that your cat might be meowing that are harmless, but there are also
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