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5 Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home in Monroeville, PA

Grooming your dog is essential to its health. You should be sure that you are not neglecting things like matted hair or dirt and grime that is against your dog’s skin that can cause infections or skin issues over the long term. Many people are not sure about how to groom their dog at home, and this can lead to trouble with your dog’s health which is linked to a lack of grooming care at home. Sometimes dog owners are not sure about how to groom a dog that is not interested in being groomed, and this can create an
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Why Does My Cat Lick Me in Monroeville, PA?

Many people who own pets associate their pets licking them with an expression of love, but there are some other reasons that your cat might be licking you. Knowing more about the reasons for cats licking their owners can help you to understand what they are trying to tell you so that you can meet their needs more effectively. Cat licking can be linked to a variety of social behaviors. You have probably noticed that cats lick other cats as well, so when they are extending this behavior to you, you could be wondering what it means. We will talk
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My Dog Keeps Panting in Monroeville, PA, Should I Call the Vet?

As a dog owner, it’s normal to get worried about a wide variety of problems. Panting is one behavior that can be concerning to dog owners, especially when it is seen in dogs who don’t typically pant very much. The good news is that dog panting isn’t always a cause for concern, and it often indicates very minor problems at most. However, in some cases, panting can be associated with much more serious issues that need to be handled by an emergency vet. Check out the list below to find out more about some of the most common causes of
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