Pain Relief for Dogs & Cats in Monroeville, PA

Nobody wants to see their pet in pain, but sometimes pain is an inevitable part of aging and other conditions. The good news is: there are many ways to manage pain, and not all of them include just pills. Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital offers several pain management options which can be tailored to each pet’s ailment, whether it’s arthritis, post-surgery, or any other painful condition. Our veterinary team will take the necessary time to speak with you about your pet’s symptoms to determine which option is best. We offer:

  • Integrative medicine
  • Traditional medicine
  • Specialized foods for pets
Pain Relief for Dogs in Monroeville, PA

Many of our traditional Western medicine pain management options can be combined with less traditional methods to create the most effective healing effects.

Put an end to your pet’s pain, and schedule a visit at Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital. We’ll examine your pet and discuss our pain management options with you so we can provide much-needed relief as quickly and effectively as possible.


Laser therapy and acupuncture was amazing! Can’t believe the difference it has made in mobility. Fantastic care..

Jake W.

I benefited from the lasery therapy, not as painful, treated well by doctors and staff.

Chloe T.

My doctors at Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital are awesome. They always seem to understand me and my aches and pains. If it were not for them I would not be here as they took care of me when I was very ill.

Angelica E.