Should I Take My Rabbit to the Vet in Monroeville, PA?

Do you have a pet rabbit? Are you concerned about her health and wellbeing? Do you feel like you should potentially take her to the vet, but aren’t sure how to go about this?

Rabbit owners need to deal with a unique set of health concerns in their pets, and it’s important to work with a rabbit vet when possible to balance your rabbit’s needs appropriately. Read through the information below to find out more about vet trips with your rabbit.

Do You Have a New Rabbit?

If you bring home a new rabbit, whether she has come from a breeder, a pet shop, or a rehoming situation, you should have her checked out thoroughly by a veterinarian in Monroeville, PA right away. The sooner you take your new rabbit to the vet, the sooner you can get her established as a part of your household.

Rabbit Vet in Monroeville, PA

Does Your Rabbit Have Respiratory Symptoms?

Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, pinkeye, or congestion are all signs that your rabbit is dealing with a respiratory infection. The most common of these in rabbits is a bacterium called Pasteurella multocida, which causes an ailment commonly known as snuffles. Snuffles can sometimes cause benign tumors on the rabbit’s body, too. Many rabbits can recover from a bout of snuffles with the help of antibiotics. However, some rabbits may have recurring flare-ups of this condition throughout the rest of their lives. Working with a vet you trust and who knows a lot about rabbit health care can be crucial when your rabbit has snuffles.

Does Your Rabbit Have Parasites in Monroeville, PA?

Rabbits can develop flea infestations just like many other common pets. However, just because your dog or cat may have fleas that can be treated with flea medication, that doesn’t mean you can do the same for your rabbit. You should always work with a vet in Monroeville, PA to determine the best treatment for fleas on a rabbit.

Rabbits can also be prone to ear mites and fur mites, both of which can cause long-term problems in rabbits that are left untreated. Additionally, rabbits with any open injury or damp patches of fur may be at risk of fly strike, which is basically an infestation of flies that hatches on the rabbit’s skin. Fly strike can be fatal.

Does Your Rabbit Have a Dental Problem?

Rabbits require significant attention to their dental health in order to stay well and live long, happy lives. When rabbits are not cared for properly, their teeth may overgrow quickly and can get in the way of their ability to eat. This can also cause dental abscesses, especially when left without treatment for too long.

A vet can help diagnose dental problems in rabbits and treat both acute and chronic problems. Vets can also recommend high-quality rabbit foods, including those that have plenty of fiber to help keep your rabbit’s teeth growing at a healthy and normal rate.

Does Your Rabbit Have Foot Sores?

Foot sores in rabbits were more prone in the past than they are now, simply because rabbit owners were not as up to date on proper husbandry as they are these days. However, foot sores can still occur in rabbits that are kept in improper housing as well as rabbits who are overweight.

Foot sores can cause infections in rabbits quickly, and it may also affect their ability to move around. They may suffer from loss of appetite if the condition is left untreated for too long.

Does Your Rabbit Have Head Tilt?

Head tilt has a wide range of causes, most of which are serious and concerning. Your rabbit vet in Monroeville, PA will be able to test your rabbit for the underlying condition contributing to her head tilt and will determine if it is cancer, ear infection, toxicity in the rabbit’s body, or a neurological problem.

If diagnosed with a treatable problem, your rabbit will need to undergo rigorous treatment with the help of the vet to correct the issue. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s crucial to work with a vet you trust with your rabbit’s health.

Talk with Your Rabbit’s Vet in Monroeville, PA

Do you feel like you’ve learned something useful about taking your rabbit to the vet? Although there may be some times when you should keep your rabbit at home and avoid stressing her out further with a vet trip, there are also plenty of times when she needs to see a vet that knows and understands how to deal with small animals.

When you have a rabbit, the veterinarians at Northern Pike Veterinary Hospital in Monroeville, PA will help you care for them. Call 412-373-8580 or your rabbit today!